DRONE PILOT : CAA Permission for Commercial Operations PFCO

Since completion of my company DNA Television’s Operations Manual, my practical BNUC-S Pilot Certification has let to the successful issue of a CAA Permission for Aerial Work, for an aircraft less than 7Kg, enabling me to fly my aircraft for commercial purposes within the bounds of a 400ft high, and 500m wide boundary

The aircraft must stay 150m from a congested area and 50m from a person, vehicle or building outside control of the pilot in command, in this case Jay. It is not permitted to overfly roads, buildings and public areas that are not under control of the pilot flying for the production

I now have over 2 years flying experience encountering differing briefs every project

Combined with a comprehensive 5 million public liability package, I have the equipment, capability and insurance in place to ensure a safe and dynamic method of aerial cinematography, capturing footage only possible before with a helicopter

My DJI aircraft is equipped with a camera capable of 1080 HD right through to UHD 4K, whilst having the advantage of being operated solely by myself, keeping the cost of personnel down


I am lucky enough to have kick started my Drone Operations with a high profile Kia shoot with Sharon Davies for The Sunday Times Driving Section, as well as some lake based shoots for CBBC’s Officially Amazing, Guinness Records Series, shot a people watching series for BBC Earth, which benefited from some dynamic drone footage, and an Acapella singing contest for Sky One with flights in Manchester city centre and Loch Lomand in Scotland

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