Sony PMW F5 camera 4K Updated with DVF L350 viewfinder
Canon CN7 17-120 4K lens 
Chrosziel MB405R2 Matte Box 
Sony A7s mk ii with Metabones EF Adaptor
Canon 5D mk ii with Zacuto Viewfinder
Canon EF L Series Lenses 15mm, 17-40mm f4.0, 24-70mm f2.8, 70-200mm f4



Sachtler 18 2 Stage Tripod 
Sachtler Baby Legs


2 Sony BP-FL75 Quickcharge Batteries + Charger
10 X V Lock Camera Batteries 
Hawk Woods Charger / AC Unit


Sony LMD9050 9” Hi Def LCD Monitor with Porta Brace Case
Transvideo Superbright Wireless 6.5 “ Monitor Receiver + Transmitter
BMD 7 inch Video Assist Monitor + Pro Res Recorder



Bi Colour LED Toplight on Naga Arm
2 X Led 1ft x 1 ft Lightpanels ( With V Lock Battery Mounts )
6” x 4” Battery Powered Led Light
Arri 650W Freznal Lamp
Arri 300W Freznal Mizar Lamp 
3 Dedolights with Dimmers + Dedo Gobo Lens with Gobo’s


40” C Stand with Extension Arm + Griphead
Magic Arm, Turtle Stand, Sand Bags
3 X Super Clamps
5 IN 1 Reflector wih Holder
24 X 30 Black Black
2 K Stand with Arri Extension Arm + Griphead


2 X Sennheiser G3 Radio Mics with Cos 11 lapel mics
Sanken CS1 Short Rifle Mic with Windgag ( Camera Mountable ) 
vDB Boom Pole
Sony ECM77 Clip Mic
Sony RE50 Stick Mic, 
XLR Cables + Headphones
2 X Midland Walkie Talkie’s + Headsets



Polecam 5 metre Rig with Long Head + Vinten Rolling Spider Base ( takes Sony A7s ii )
2 metre Jib Arm for F5


IDS Dolly Slider Plus System with 9 feet of Track
Wally Dolly Style Track + Dolly


DJI Phantom 4 Pro with iPad Mini Monitor with 5 Batteries
DJI Phantom 3 Pro with 5 Batteries


Black Drape Background Kit
Lastolite Chromakey Pop Up Background
GoPro Hero Minicams



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